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How we work



Advancing your product requires confidence in your roadmap and strategy.

We leverage a data-driven design approach where user needs and business objectives inform user experience, visual, and technical design.



To achieve successful outcomes, your concepts and designs need to be informed by actual users.

We're experts in user-centered design and our team will convert user feedback into an actionable plan for execution.



To drive the greatest efficiencies, your implementation team should be fully integrated with design and validation teams.

Our team of skilled engineers develop software for the web, on Apple or Android devices independently or as key players in a larger team.

Is your agri-tech app wilting?

Have you launched an app and you are watching users disengage or leave feedback that stings? Invested time, resources, and passion into your product, only to find it’s not resonating? Is your internal team resisting next steps because they are not confident about what to do next with your app?

Imagine knowing exactly how to fix it

Picture an app that users can’t stop talking about. They’re captivated by its intuitive design, its sleek interface, and how every feature seems tailor-made for them. Your app isn’t just another tool; it’s an experience they cherish.  Imagine knowing exactly what to do next.

Get a customized plan from the experts

Often all it takes is a little help from the experts. We’ve helped many clients like you – who despite having an innovative app are faced with user challenges, unfavorable reviews and dwindling retention –  get unstuck.

Having delivered over 100 apps across diverse contexts, we know what works! 

Here’s how we change your trajectory

  • Precision Analysis: A comprehensive review and audit of your app’s user experience.
  • User Behavior Insights: Pinpointing where users face challenges and the reasons behind them.
  • Recommendation Report: Concrete steps to elevate your app’s UX.
  • Follow-up Workshop: A strategy session to discuss the findings and map out future actions.

Analysis and reporting is typically conducted remotely, with workshops and discussions taking place over your preferred conferencing platform (we like Zoom and Meet but to each their own!)

The engagement starts with a 1-hour consultation where we’ll walk you through next steps and guide you through how to deliver us the key assets we’ll need to execute our processes.  In less than a month you’ll have a report with actionable next steps in your hands. 

Ready to transform your app?

Are you ready to know how to transform your app, delight your users, and have a product people can’t wait to say great things about?  Our roadmapping service starts at $8,000 and takes less than a month.  Better yet it starts with a no-obligation consultation.  Let’s get started!



Our promise

Our guarantee: we are great at what we do and we always deliver or your money back. 

100% confidentiality: Your app’s insights are safe with us and your roadmap is 100% confidential.  

Your solutions are customized: we craft recommendations that fit your app’s unique needs. 

We’re here as long as you need us: Our commitment extends beyond the audit, and our clients typically ask us to provide continuing support and implementation. 

Get unstuck now

To continue delivering high-quality results we only work with a small number of clients at a time.  Since our relationships typically turn into long-term engagements we offer a limited number of revamp and rescue engagements each year. Let’s talk about if we are the right fit for one another.



Step into the future of app design. Elevate your user experience and see the surge in user satisfaction and engagement. Together, let’s create an unforgettable agricultural app experience.

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Trusted by experts in ag tech innovation.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional work in ensuring that we stayed on schedule and within budget for the website launch. Working with you and your team has been an absolute pleasure!" Lori Dyck, Manitoba Canola Growers Association

"Working with Tactica on a new web app was a great experience. Their scientific approach, consulting with the industry, analyzing similar apps, and studying all task elements ensures the site's longevity and utility for agricultural producers." Dr. Laura Telford, Organic Specialist, Manitoba Argriculture and Board Member of Manitoba Organic Alliance

"Tactica team was responsive and great to work with. They translated complex soil nutrient calculations into an intuitive web app, making it more accessible to producers. Highly recommend Tactica for transforming ideas into web-based apps." Marla Carlson, Prairie Organic Development Fund