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Advancing your product requires confidence in your roadmap and strategy.

We leverage a data-driven design approach where user needs and business objectives inform user experience, visual, and technical design.



To achieve successful outcomes, your concepts and designs need to be informed by actual users.

We're experts in user-centered design and our team will convert user feedback into an actionable plan for execution.



To drive the greatest efficiencies, your implementation team should be fully integrated with design and validation teams.

Our team of skilled engineers develop software for the web, on Apple or Android devices independently or as key players in a larger team.

Deliver brand experiences that move customers from detractors to promotors

At Tactica, we specialize in designing and building bespoke customer portals that address the most common challenges: low adoption rates, poor user engagement, maintenance difficulties, and tech stack integration issues. Our approach ensures your portal is intuitive, engaging, and seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, providing a robust solution for customers and internal teams.

Get alignment with internal leadership 

We know how to navigate conflicting stakeholder interests and deliver a portal everyone can get behind. From ROI-focused executives to integration-obsessed tech leaders or customer-first service experts, we create portals that meet all of their needs.

We deliver customer portals that meet your business needs and delight your users, driving higher satisfaction and productivity. 

Create a portal that serves your customers and supports your business.

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Portal features that address your problems

  • Self-Service Capabilities: Empower your customers to solve their own issues with self-managed profiles, incident reporting, and transaction management, reducing your support burden.
  • Personalized Experiences: Solve the problem of impersonal interactions by using customer data to offer tailored content and interfaces, making every interaction meaningful.
  • Integrated Systems: End integration headaches by seamlessly connecting with existing CRM, ERP, ITSM, Finance, or other enterprise tech stack systems, enhancing overall functionality and user experience.
  • Enhanced Communication: Maintain continuous engagement and solve communication lags with timely updates, promotions management, and integrated communication tools.

Results that matter

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Create intuitive and user-friendly portals that improve customer interaction and satisfaction.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduce operational costs and free up resources by automating customer interactions, solving efficiency problems.
  • Competitive Advantage: Stand out in your market with a portal that offers superior customer experiences and drives loyalty.

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Strategic benefits of effective customer portals

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Enhanced customer satisfaction

A well-designed customer portal, with simple and intuitive navigation, can significantly boost customer satisfaction. By leveraging user profile data, you can offer personalized experiences, optimizing user flows and anticipating customer needs.

Improved access and differentiation

Improved access and differentiation

Meeting the modern consumer’s need for on-demand service means offering access anytime, anywhere. This high level of access not only satisfies customers but also distinguishes your brand in the market, attracting and retaining users with a superior customer experience.

Improved operating efficiency

Improved operating efficiency

Automated interactions in a customer portal reduce operational costs and free up resources for complex tasks. This approach streamlines your operations, allowing your business to scale efficiently while maintaining a high level of service.

Common features selected by clients


  • Profile management – self management of business & personal information, notification & communication settings
  • Transaction management – records of historical or pending transactions
  • Store/dealer locators for finding physical addresses / teams
  • Incident ticket creation, management and reporting
  • Customer service team member chat or co-browsing of the app for training and troubleshooting


  • Self-service reports and dashboards for users to derive insights from their data
  • Knowledge management: access to user manuals, searchable knowledge bases
  • Delivery of news and communications updates via permissions based notifications
  • Delivery interface for users to accept and apply hardware or software updates


  • Delivery management features for users to choice their preferred timing and format of purchased services/goods
  • Platform for promotions and offers targeted to specific users by segment on the communications methods of their choice
  • Providing access to exclusive inventories and pricing to incent users to transact

"Working with Tactica on a new web app was a great experience. Their scientific approach, consulting with the industry, analyzing similar apps, and studying all task elements ensures the site's longevity and utility for agricultural producers." Dr. Laura Telford, Organic Specialist, Manitoba Argriculture and Board Member of Manitoba Organic Alliance

"Tactica team was responsive and great to work with. They translated complex soil nutrient calculations into an intuitive web app, making it more accessible to producers. Highly recommend Tactica for transforming ideas into web-based apps." Marla Carlson, Prairie Organic Development Fund

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional work in ensuring that we stayed on schedule and within budget for the website launch. Working with you and your team has been an absolute pleasure!" Lori Dyck, Manitoba Canola Growers Association