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How we work



Advancing your product requires confidence in your roadmap and strategy.

We leverage a data-driven design approach where user needs and business objectives inform user experience, visual, and technical design.



To achieve successful outcomes, your concepts and designs need to be informed by actual users.

We're experts in user-centered design and our team will convert user feedback into an actionable plan for execution.



To drive the greatest efficiencies, your implementation team should be fully integrated with design and validation teams.

Our team of skilled engineers develop software for the web, on Apple or Android devices independently or as key players in a larger team.

Overcome challenges and put your technology investment to good use

At Tactica, we rescue app projects that have gone sideways. Whether your app is stuck in development, rejected by users, or never really got started, we can identify and solve the problems holding you back. Our response team has seen it all and has proven methods to deliver rapid triage, solve problems, and get you back on track fast. 

Get alignment with internal leadership 

Our team knows how to navigate conflicting stakeholder interests and deliver an app everyone can get behind. From ROI-focused executives to integration-obsessed tech leaders or customer-first service experts, our App Rescue advisory service harmonizes stakeholder and user needs, turning visions into reality.

Tactica’s app rescue services are on standby. 

Who we help

  • Agriculture: From equipment manufacturers to crop input companies, app experiences help you manage complex networks efficiently.
  • Healthcare: From patient engagement tools to health management apps, modernize and optimize your digital health solutions.
  • Manufacturing: Equip your clients and dealers with platforms that enhance engagement and reduce operational friction.

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What you can expect

  • Increased user satisfaction: Develop intuitive, user-friendly apps that enhance interaction and satisfaction.
  • Operational efficiency: Streamline development processes and reduce costs with agile methodologies.
  • Competitive advantage: Stand out in your market with an app that offers superior user experiences and drives loyalty.

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Solve your strategic business challenges with the right app rescue solutions. Reach out today to explore how a partnership with Tactica can help you achieve your goals.

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"Working with Tactica on a new web app was a great experience. Their scientific approach, consulting with the industry, analyzing similar apps, and studying all task elements ensures the site's longevity and utility for agricultural producers." Dr. Laura Telford, Organic Specialist, Manitoba Argriculture and Board Member of Manitoba Organic Alliance

"Tactica team was responsive and great to work with. They translated complex soil nutrient calculations into an intuitive web app, making it more accessible to producers. Highly recommend Tactica for transforming ideas into web-based apps." Marla Carlson, Prairie Organic Development Fund

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional work in ensuring that we stayed on schedule and within budget for the website launch. Working with you and your team has been an absolute pleasure!" Lori Dyck, Manitoba Canola Growers Association